Hello Kaneohe!

Kaneohe Christmas Parade

Welcome to the Kaneohe Christmas Parade. This website will give you a sense of the pride Kaneohe has in its community and in our fifty sixth annual Christmas Parade. Join us as participants, as supporters or just come out and enjoy the Parade.

You can apply to participate in the Kaneohe Christmas Parade here by clicking here!

Oh! Did we mention our Kaneohe Christmas Parade T-Shirts? Wear them with pride.

Kaneohe Christmas Parade
Kaneohe Christmas Parade 2017 Santa Float

5 thoughts on “Hello Kaneohe!”

  1. How can we participate in this years Kaneohe Christmas Parade 2018.
    We are inquiring to enroll for such event.

    1. You can sign up online by clicking the link on our homepage. You can also pay online this year, as well, through a link in that online form!

  2. Aloha, I am looking to apply as a vendor but I see no link except for parade participation. Can you please direct me to be appropriate locations/site/email? I appreciate any Information you may provide! Mahalo

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